Our Houseboats are comfortably furnished with an open lounge, one or two bath attached bedrooms and a kitchenette,
and are extremely eco friendly, merging smoothly into the panorama. Every houseboat is manned by a crew - usually a cook, a Captain, and an Oarsman. The kitchen in the houseboat or ketuvallam is the production center of the best traditional Kerala food. The availability of fishes all along the backwater add special charm to the authentic Kerala cooking. Fresh materials are used and purchased locally to support the economy of the village. Authentic Kerala food is prepared under high standards of hygiene and professional competency
by expert cooks, who have been specially trained


  • Front living area
  • AC Bedrooms
  • Panoramic View of the Lake
  • Dressing mirror, luggage compartment
  • Shower areas & water heaters

The Deluxe A/c Houseboat
offered by us includes the following facilities

Living Area

Front living area and bedrooms have a beautiful wooden ceiling with overlapping logs to give it a contemporary feel.

The wooden ceiling in the living/dining area has 200 fiber optic lighting points to emulate the stars during the night gives a cozy feeling. The light intensity or ‘glow’ can be adjusted according to guest preferences.


Each bed in the Deluxe A/c Houseboat is located at the exact height of the window, so the guest gets a good view even while lying on the bed. Each room in the Deluxe A/c Houseboat has a dressing mirror, luggage compartment, writing table, wardrobe, attached bathrooms and air-conditioning

Bathrooms, Kitchen & View

Bathrooms in the Deluxe A/c Kettuvallams have a shower area with WC and wash basin and are one of the largest, if not the largest on any boat.

The kitchen, at the rear of the boat, is complete with a modern equipment and ambience, even though it is for use for the staff only. Even guests can use the kitchen facility for themselves if they so choose.

Onboard facilities

The wall next to the WC has a large picture window that offers the guest an ample view of the backwaters, similar to the one in the bedroom and it also offers a feeling of space and ample natural lighting.

Onboard game activities include - Chess, Caroms, Scrabble, Playing cards etc. Fishing rods, painting and sketch pads, Library & High-End music system.

Come, check into our House boat for the most amazing experience of your life.